Unreal Engine 5 Landscape
Master Material

The ultimate landscape material to quickly create amazing landscapes

A customizable easy to use Landscape Material, check out this video for documentation.

The Ultimate Landscape Material for Unreal Engine:

  • Automatically Texture Your Landscape
  • Instantly Remove Texture Repetition
  • Object Blending for Seamless Transitions
  • Triplanar Texture Projection
  • Made for Quixel's Megascan Library!
  • Automatic Foliage Placement
  • Easy to Customize

Unreal Engine 5 Landscapes

This downloadable asset contains everything you need to create stunning landscapes

Detail with Nanite Displacement

Leverage the power of Unreal's main feature Nanite for landscapes! Use height textures to deform the landscapes geometry adding near infinite detail while increasing performacne cost.

Automatic Material

The landscape automatically assigns layers based on the landscape's slope. Included are several techniques to hide repetition including variant textures, cell bombing, and distance blending.