New UEFN Course

New UEFN Course

June 11, 2024

Hi everyone 🙌 big news!

I just released a brand new course on Udemy for UEFN - Fortnite Creation Unleashed: Build Your First Island Today!

In it you will learn everything to start creating immersive worlds, dynamic gameplay, and stunning visuals with UEFN's Verse programming language!

To celebrate its launch, it is on sale for $12.99: Check it out here

A big reason to create games in UEFN is that games have the potential to reach millions of players since Fortnite has one of the largest player bases in the world!

This player base is about to expand with Fortnite coming back to iOS this year in Europe and next year in the UK! Adding more players and increasing the platforms accessibility.  

4 years ago Fortnite was banned from iOS after Epic added their own payment system to the game, bypassing the iOS store which takes a 30% tax on all iPhone app transactions. This sparked an ongoing legal battle between the two companies with Epic claiming that the Apple has created a monopolistic market.

To Epic Games benefit, the EU and UK have both passed laws forcing Apple to allow alternative marketplaces to the App Store. Soon Epic will launch an Epic Games Store for iOS, bringing back Fortnite to the iPhone.

See you next time,

Zach Hunter

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