Unreal Film Wins an Oscar and Free Environment

Unreal Film Wins an Oscar and Free Environment

March 18, 2024

Hi everyone 👋,

Today is the start of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. It is the biggest gathering of game developers for the year, with everyone from solo indie devs to big budget game studios are attending.

Most importantly, Epic Games will host their State of Unreal event at GDC this Wednesday. There they will announce groundbreaking features coming to Unreal Engine. Last year they unveiled Procedural Content Generation and Substrate which have changed the way we create environments.

You can watch a livestream on their YouTube channel and I will post a video summarizing it and giving my thoughts the same day, stay tuned for that! 👌

Sierra Division has released an amazing free project to create your own modular interiors!

It is inspired by Nathan Drake’s house from Uncharted 4, you will be able to create your own adventurer’s home with these high quality assets. You can download it here and use code UNREALSENSEI at checkout to get it for free.

The short film War is Over! won an Oscar for Best Animated Short of 2023. Inspired by the song of the same name created John Lennon and Yoko Ono, it is an anti-war story about two sides of a conflict communicating through messenger pigeon to play a game of chess.

It is the first film rendered in Unreal Engine to win an Oscar. Both WetaFX and Epic Games helped co-produce the film. You can see how Unreal helped them throughout the process in the behind the scenes footage.

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Zach Hunter

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